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Digital Marketing Templates to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Digital marketing templates are meant to help you improve your marketing strategy. Their main objective is to help you create a repeatable workflow to create and distribute content through the right channels at the right time.

When developing a digital marketing strategy, you build different assets that will help you execute that strategy better. These assets most times include blog articles, social media content, video, emails, and more. So, having a reliable template can definitely help you gather the right data and create better content faster.

The most common templates you’re likely to need, include:

  • Buyer Persona Template

  • Content Brief Template

  • Social Media Copy Template

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Template

  • Landing Page Template

  • Website Page Content Template

The best digital marketing templates out there have been created by seasoned professionals who have fine-tuned their templates through years of evolution and trial-and-error. You can rest assured the templates I share with you in this article are strong enough to help you in any kind of digital marketing project but flexible enough in order to be adapted to your specific needs.

But first, let’s quickly discuss why you need templates when building your digital marketing strategy.

Building a Digital Marketing Strategy

Building a digital marketing strategy requires you to gather data and information regarding

  • Your business and growth goals

  • Your target audience/clients/customers

  • Your competition

  • Your available resources

  • Your market

  • The platforms/channels you’re going to use

To gather this data you’ll rely on tools such as Google Analytics, Semrush or similar, your CRM (Hubspot, Sharpspring, etc.), historic sales and customer data, surveys, and research (keywords, market, competitors, etc.). Templates can ve very helpful to help you organize and make it easier to analyze and interpret this data, not just for you, but also to your entire team and important players in your sales, customer service, and marketing teams.

Using Digital Marketing Templates

Once you get started gathering the necessary information to build your digital marketing strategy, you’re going to need a way to organize it and make sure it’s easily accessible and understandable. The following templates will help you get there.

Buyer Persona Template

This buyer persona template will help you ensure you have all the data you’re going to need when you and your team use these personas to create content. The different fields on the template include customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

The research you conduct to fill out this template should include:

  • Background

    • Job/Career/Family

  • Demographics

    • Age/Sex/Income/Location/Industry/Job Title/Company Size

  • Identifiers

    • Demeanor/Communication preferences

  • Goals (Primary/Secondary)

  • Challenges (Primary/Secondary)

  • How we can help

    • Reach goals/overcome challenges

  • Real Needs or Quotes About Goals

  • Common Objections About Challenges

  • Our Messaging

    • How do we describe our services

  • Sources and Influence

    • Blogs/Websites/Magazines/Conferences/Books/Thought Leaders

Developing a Buyer Persona, or more than one depending on your business, will help you craft better and more valuable content. It’s also a really important step prior to developing your ICP or Ideal Customer Profile.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Template

An ICP, or Ideal Customer Profile, takes your Buyer Pesona research a step further by helping you create a clear profile of the ideal companies or businesses you want to target with your product or service. This research needs to include information about a variety of buyer personas that exist inside the companies/businesses you’re targeting. This is especially useful for B2B companies.

This ICP or Ideal Customer Profile template encourages you to take a deeper look at the companies you’re targeting by helping you include important data, such as

  • Industry

  • Sub-industry

  • Location

  • Revenue

  • Market Share

  • Buying Committee

  • Customer Research

Through the careful completion of this template, you’ll have a very clear picture of what your targetted companies look like, including the people who influence the decision-making process. This will help you create highly effective content and nurturing sequences or funnels.

Optimized Content Brief Template

One of the most important aspects of any digital marketing campaign is to create content that effectively reaches your ICP and Buyer personas. This content needs to be optimized for them (their pain points, problems, issues) but also it needs to be optimized for search engines.

With this Optimized Content Brief Template, you’ll be able to create a brief that helps your content writers craft content that follows specific guidelines and uses relevant links, data, and supporting content to create a piece of content that your target audience will find helpful, relevant, and easy to find.

Some of the most helpful and useful fields required to complete this content brief are:

  • H1 Title

  • Detailed instructions

  • Internal and external links

  • Meta description and URL

  • Focus keyword

  • Related keywords

  • Supporting content (graphics, video, etc.)

  • Links to pertinent folders

  • And more.

Once you’ve developed a content brief based on this template, your writer will create a piece of content that is ready to be published and bring in results. One of the advantages of this template is that it connects directly to the next template you’re going to need in order to have social media copy ready to share and promote your blog article or content piece created. Let’s check it out.

Social Media Copy Template

The Optimized Content Brief Template helps you create optimized blog articles and content. It has a field to link it to your social media copy template so that your writer or community manager can easily create and share social media posts that will help you promote your blog or content piece through your most relevant social media channels.

This social media copy template has a very easy to follow layout so you can create copy tailored to each platform, including:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

The beauty of this template is that you can create several posts for several channels all in one centralized template. Additionally, you can add rows and columns if you want to create more posts or if you are using other social media platforms.

Website Content & Structure Template

Other than your blog and social media content, your website pages are highly important pieces of content that have a couple of special features needing attention.

To create website pages that are relevant to your target audience and search engine friendly, you need to craft content that is easily interpretable by your graphics and content teams. This website content and structure template helps you gather important information and define relevant data such as:

  • What job or jobs does each specific page need to fulfill

  • What SERP features your page needs to have

  • What CTAs to include

  • What media/UX features it needs

  • Meta description and URL

  • And more.

Once you’ve filled this template for each page on your website, your web developer and graphics designer will have all the information they need in order to build a site that will be useful and valuable to your buyer persona, ICP, and target audience.

Landing Page Template

Landing pages might be temporary to promote a new product/service or even just to get people to subscribe, download, or attend an event. The point is that all of them need to be able to do their job effectively.

This landing page template helps you build landing pages that will not only attract the right audience through relevance and timeliness but will also effectively get them to perform your desired action.

The different fields on this form help you create a better user experience and ensure you don’t forget any important information. Also, this template is highly useful for your graphics and web development teams to grasp the concept you’re trying to communicate and build a landing page that will efficiently fulfill its purpose.

Templates help you improve your Digital Marketing Strategy

By using tried-and-tested templates, you can not only save a lot of time and resources, but you can also build upon them and adapt them to your specific needs and the scope of your different digital marketing projects and strategies.

These digital marketing templates are available for your to download as DOCX documents, but feel free to reach out if you’d like to access the Google Doc and Google Sheet files.

Additionally, you can also read my blog to better understand how Content and SEO can help you boost your brand to another level and surpass your business goals.

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